Tell your elected officials to oppose the US-Mexico border wall

A wall between the US and Mexico is contrary to what makes this country great. It threatens human rights and comes at a high cost to border communities, taxpayers, wildlife, and the environment.
We need your help to stop it.

Reasons to Oppose Border Walls:


Despite Trump’s campaign promise that Mexico will pay for a border wall, it will be funded by taxpayers like you. The wall is estimated to cost $21.6 billion, not including hundreds of millions each year in maintenance. To fund the wall, the White House has proposed major spending cuts to national security, disaster relief, health, labor, education, emergency response, environmental protection, and more.


The border wall will slice through national treasures like Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge and Big Bend National Park, and will sequester animals, disrupt natural migration patterns, destroy habitats, and cause extreme flooding. Important laws that keep us safe, like the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act, have been carelessly waived to build these walls.



700 miles of border walls already exist and have pushed families into hazardous crossings, where thousands of people have died in the harsh desert. Building this wall is not smart on immigration and will make it harder to address human trafficking. The wall is also expected to cause serious flooding to millions of people living in border communities.

Hundreds of organizations have publicly opposed border militarization and are working to protect the communities, land, wildlife, and environmental well-being of our border region and our country.